Proper Care and Feeding of Your Succulent

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When purchasing one of The Fat Plant Society succulent planters, it is essential to make sure the plants get the correct amount of care in order for the plants to look healthy and sustain a healthy growth.

Depending on the season, succulents need water on a consistent basis. Short rule is: During low light and short days, most succulents go dormant and therefore requires water about once every 6-8 weeks. In the summer time with plenty of light and warmth, succulents need water at least once to twice a month. The vertical frame is best watered by taking it of the wall twice a month in the summer and water it thoroughly and let it sit overnight to absorb the water before hanging again. In the winter it should only need watering once every 6-8 weeks, due to dormancy.

Every Fat Plant Society succulent planter is unique and will respond to the environment it is placed in. If hung outside during the summer, it is essential to place the frame in an area that has filtered light. Filtered ,means, that the plants wont get full Western or southern exposure. Even though most succulents are from dry hot desert climates, they are still ab to get sunburned if left in too much sun. Choose a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sun, but is protected from the hot scorching afternoon sun. Like all beings, they will get sun scorched if let in the sun for too long. Bright indirect light is the best way to maintain healthy plants and maintain control of watering needs.

Plants need to be brought indoors once the temperature falls below 40 degrees for a consistent period of time.

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