Moss Walls versus Living Walls: Which is the Best Choice for Your Needs and Desires

There is more than one way to bring nature and into your home or workplace so we’re going to break down the difference between moss walls and living walls and give you the skinny on each of these brilliant biophilic design options that provide calm and other wellness benefits including noise and air pollutant reduction (along with the mental benefits of attention restoration and focus).

HogsheadKC: An Interview with Restaurant Design Visionary, Shawn McClenny

  Shawn McClenny, (pictured right, next to Chef Clark Grant, Executive Chef and Co-Owner of HogsheadKC) owner of One Block South entertainment district in Overland Park, Kansas, which includes Kanza Hall, Red 8, Fuel and Local Tap, partnered with ¬†Clark Grant, who was formerly an executive chef partner with Capital Grille in Chicago (in 2015, Grant moved to Kansas City …