Moss Walls versus Living Walls: Which is the Best Choice for Your Needs and Desires

There is more than one way to bring nature and into your home or workplace so we’re going to break down the difference between moss walls and living walls and give you the skinny on each of these brilliant biophilic design options that provide calm and other wellness benefits including noise and air pollutant reduction (along with the mental benefits of attention restoration and focus).

Doing the Right Thing: Why Hotels Are Embracing Biophilic Design

BEYOND AESTHETICS AND INTO REAL, HUMAN EXPERIENCE Every June, thought and practice leaders in biophilic design gather at the Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona or one of the other gorgeous hotels in the area (2023 to be held at JW Marriott, Scottsdale) to attend HOTEC Design Conference. Top of mind for hospitality designers now and for the foreseeable future is …

The New Workspace: Prioritizing What Employees Want and Crucially, Their Needs

Rather than delineate or advocate the “right” workspace design, we will focus on what employees are expressing, what architects, designers, and interior artists have shared with us regarding what works well, what is in high demand in workplace design, and what people want and need to feel good the moment they cross the threshold of the workplace.

Designing for Wellness: Maximizing Your Workplace Safety Investments During the Pandemic

There is no shortage of recommendations, advice, and protocols for safety in the workplace during the pandemic from savvy, strategically-minded architects, designers, HR experts, and building planners as we all work to navigate the current physical workplace and design for wellness. We will spare you the slurry of terms such as “unprecedented,” and “new normal,” as well as the cliches …

3 Ways Moss Installations Solve Hotel and Airbnb Problems

It is not uncommon to see beautiful moss wall installations in hotels and across the hospitality industry in their lobbies and occasionally in a meeting room, but what we have not seen (yet) are the hotels that adopt a moss design piece for every room. We’re going to share the ways that moss designs can solve three specific hotel challenges: …